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Main Menu-2019-November, 16-17

Statue of the Congress




1-Anatolian Congress Series will be organized and hosted by ASEHERT-CISEATED (www.ciseated.org) and other national or international organizations, institutions, foundations, institutes and universities every 2 or 3 years in İstanbul-Turkey.


2-Anatolian Congress Series will be on Neuroscience and Sexual Health; OR any combinations of the following areas of science. The congress content may accommodate the following branches of science:

  • Neuroscience
  • Consciousness Studies
  • Neurology
  • Psychiatry
  • Psychology
  • Sexual Health and Sexual Therapy, Family Therapy
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Urology
  • Family Medicine
  • Sociology, Anthropology, Archeology and History


3- In the Anatolian Congress Series, there will be the following sections:

  1. A.      Plenary long lectures (45 to 60 minutes; by 6 to 10 lecturers or speakers, 12 to 20 lectures)
  2. B.      Panels (Each speaker for 15-25 minutes; 3-4 speakers; total 2-2.5 hours)
  3. C.      Workshops (1.5-2.5 hours)
  4. D.      Poster Sessions (posters will be hung during the all congress period)
  5. E.       Oral Presentation Sessions (Talks of 12 minutes, 3 minutes for questions and answers; total: 15 minutes)
  6. F.       Short lecture sections for national speakers not exceeding 30 minutes
  7. G.     Symposiums, Satellite symposiums etc.


4- Plenary long lectures are given by the internationally recognized professors and academicians (black category).

Panels are given by:

  • Plenary Speakers (black category professors)
  • Special Guests or Honoree Guests (Turquoise-green category professors)
  • Congress committee
  • Assigned National or International Speakers
  • Other


5- NO travel expenses for the invited lecturers are supplied by the Congress Committee. Only the travel expenses of the president and/or the honoree president of the congress is paid by the Congress Committee. The lecturers or panelists or other special guests, honoree guests should finance their own travel expenses.


6- The registration fee is waived for Plenary, long lecture speakers (black category professors, their number will be 6 to 10; will be limited by 12)


7- The expenses of accommodation and hotel staying of the black category will be paid by the congress committee. The black category professors give 2 lectures; OR give 2 lectures and attend one panel or a workshop, according to the negotiations with the congress committee. Staying at the hotel includes breakfast. Free Congress Package includes 2 coffee breaks and lunch; dinner is not included in the free registration package. Black category professors, themselves, are responsible for dinners; congress committee will not supply dinners.


8- Special Guests, Honoree Guests and the professors who attend a panel will have very reduced registration fees depending upon the substantial conditions. All the special guests, honoree guests or panelists should get registered to the congress. No travel expenses are covered or no registration fee is waived for the panelists, or Special-Honoree Guests (Turquoise-light green category). The white and black category people can invite TWO special-honoree guests.


9- The registration protocol is summarized at the below table:



Category (Kategori)

COLOR (Renk)

Definition (Tanım)

Privilege or  payment


Core Congress  Preparation Committee



The people who take part in the congress preparation-Core Committees

Vary Reduced Registration Fee at basal standards


SPEAKERS-LECTURERS-Scientific Committee- Core Committee



1 hour lectures-Totally 2 lectures OR

2 lectures and 1 panel or  1 workshop

Some may be added to panels

No Registration Fee

Free Accommodation

Free Staying at the Assigned Hotel



(student status must be proven)



Undergraduate/Graduate Students (masters/PhD students)

Must prove with a certificate of being a student


Reduced Fees

Reduced Hotel Prices




Invited Honoree Guests-Special Guests




Special or honoree invited guests or

professors who also contribute to the Anatolian Congress, e.g. taking part in the panels or workshops

Very Reduced

Registration Fee

Reduced Hotel Prices

At the basal standards






Conference Price







They can make presentations.

For panels, workshops and social activities they have to pay for the tickets


Special price for the conference



Reduced Registration Fee


Limited scientific and social activity

Must stay at the

assigned hotel




First 60 Registrations

(10 % discount)



First 60 Normal Registrations

Must contact us to check and to be

approved that he/she is in the first 60

 applications; they will have other discounts and free of charge activities

10 % Discount for the very early registration


10 % off, of  the Early Registration Price


Early Registrations


Early Registrations with the normal price before the registration deadline

Normal Congress Price




Late Registrations




Registrations After the

Registration  Deadline

Added Nearly (+ 50-70) Euros to the Early Registration Price



On Site Registrations





Registrations During the Congress Time at the Assigned Hotel


Added Nearly (+100-140) Euros to the

Early Registration Price


Accompanying Person- A

Staying at Our Assigned Hotel

Must Stay at the

Assigned Hotel




Accompanying person, partner, friend or spouse of the normal registered




Very Reduced

Registration Fee

Must Stay at the

Assigned Hotel


Accompanying Person-Z

NOT Staying at The

Assigned Hotel




Accompanying person, partner, friend or spouse of the normal registered person ,

NOT STAYING at our assigned hotel


Reduced Fee for the Congress





1)Core Congress Preparation Group Members  (White Color): These are the academicians and organizers who take part in the preparation and organization of the congress. Their fee status is reduced. They participate to the most of the activities free of charge. White category people can invite two special guests or honoree guests.


2)LECTURERS (Black Color): This category depicts the internationally recognized professors or academicians who come to Anatolian Congress to give long lectures on their specific areas of research. They give two 1 hour long lectures. They may also participate in the PANELS or WORKSHOPS depending upon the negotiation with the core congress committee. Thus BLACK Category people will or may be taking part in:

  • Two 1 hour long lectures.
  • Some may take part in one of the panels related with their subjects of research.
  • Some black category professors may also give some 2 h workshops depending upon the negotiation with the core congress committee.
  • They are automatically the referees for short articles of the Anatolian Congress proceedings, which will be published in NeuroQuantology Journal and SexuS Journal.
  • Some Black category professors are automatically in the committee to decide and rate on the Poster Contest participants and chose the winners of poster contest.
  • All black category professors are automatically in the referee committee or editorial board of the new Journal SexuS, which will be started to be published along with the Anatolian Congress Series.
  • Some assigned black category professors will also take part in the decision of the Dionysus Award for the next Anatolian Congress.


Black Category professors’ or scientists’ full registration fee is waived and their accommodation/staying is organized by the core congress committee free of charge. So black category lecturers get a full compact package of the congress registration for FREE. All social activities (such as special programme, opening cocktails, boat trips, gala dinner, disco nights, sightseeing tours, local trips etc.) are FREE of charge for the black category professors or scientists. Drink tickets are also cheaper for the black category.


3)STUDENTS (GRAY Color): Students are defined as the registered university students who are studying to get their degrees from an undergraduate or a graduate program (masters or PhD). They should be registered to the university (students I.D.s are not accepted) and they should prove that they are in the program with a written certificate from the universities they are attending.  In the Anatolian Congress Series there are lots of discounts for encouraging the students to participate these scientific meetings.



PROFESSORS (LIGT GREEN OR TURQUOISE-TURKUAZ COLOR): Turquoise-light green color category defines the professors who:

  • Contribute to the International Anatolian Congress Series, and help the congress to be organized.
  • Who are some distinguished honoree guests invited by either black category people or the white category people.
  • Who are invited specifically for giving some short lecture sessions and join the panels and/or give workshops. They are different than black category people but, they are the candidates for the black category for the next Anatolian Congress Series.
  • Each black category professor can invite 2 special or honoree guests.

Turquoise (light green) category professors do have reductions in the registration fees and also hotel staying. They also have other privileges.


5)REDUCED CONFERENCE PRICE CATEGORY (DARK GREEN COLOR): This is a reduced price category for “the Only Conference” attendants. The only condition to be in this category is to assure that the attendant will be staying at the assigned congress hotel and buy the compact full registration package (including both registration for the congress and hotel staying together, in one purchase). Dark Green color attendants should pay for the social activities and for some of the scientific activities.


6) FIRST-60 REGISTRANTS (ORANGE COLOR):    The first 60 applicants who register for the congress will receive a 10-15 % discount for both the registration fee and some discount for the hotel staying expenses. All the social and scientific activities are free for them; additionally they have a privilege of having a FREE workshop.





7) EARLY NORMAL REGISTRATION (RED COLOR):  They are the registered delegates who get registered before the official deadline of the congress. They pay for the normal congress registration fees. There is also some reduction for the hotel expenses for this category.



They are the registered delegates who get registered after the official deadline. There is an additional fee of 50-70 € for the late registration. Hotel prices may also change and increase after the deadline.


9) ON SITE REGISTRATION CATEGORY (VIOLET OR PURPLE COLOR):  During the congress time, it is possible to get registered. However, there is an additional fee of 100-140 € for the on-site registration. Hotel prices may also increase at the on-site registrations.




10) ACCOMPANYING PERSON-A CATEGORY (Light Yellow Color): The partners, spouses, friends who accompany the registered delegates who stay at the assigned congress hotel are at this category. Some of the social and scientific activities are either FREE or have a discount for this category.


11) ACCOMPANYING PERSON-Z CATEGORY (Light Yellow Color): The partners, spouses, friends who accompany the registered delegates who DO NOT stay at the assigned congess hotel are at this category. Most of the social activities are paid for this category.

12) PINK CATEGORY: Special bargain and campaign prices for certain people and for groups. They have to pay for the social activities (such as opening cocktail, GALA night, entertainments, etc.)




10- There will be the following items to be published along with the congress in the abstract book and proceedings:

  • Congress programme (Scientific and Social Programmes)
  • Abstracts submitted for posters and oral presentations
  • Poster presentation schedules and maps
  • Abstracts of the long lectures
  • Abstracts of the panel talks
  • Abstracts of short national lectures (less than 30 minutes)
  • Short articles of 6 pages (see the rules and instructions to the authors of short articles)
  • Some advertisements
  • Other


11- Social activities of the Anatolian Congress series may include:

  • Opening Cocktails
  • GALA Nights
  • Sight Seeing Tours
  • Local Tours or regional touristic tours
  • Free and open public lectures
  • Boat trips in İstanbul


  • Some public festivals (music, book, film festivals)
  • Stands
  • Discussion sessions
  • Other possible social unification activities

12- The abstracts and the jpg images of the congress posters will be published on the web sites of the congress for FIVE YEARS. Short articles will also be published on the web sites for five years.


13- At every Anatolian Congress there will be “3 Dionysus Awards” for the black category professors. For being nominated for the Dionysus Awards the following criteria will be sought; after the Anatolian Congress in 2015 a committee of 3 former or current black category professors and 2 congress committee members will decide on the Dionysus Award recipients:


1)      To have at least  50  (Fifty) International Publications in Science Citation Index or Web of Science (or international data bases) (5 grades; 10 articles: 1 grade; maximum grade is calculated from SCI & Google scholar records)

2)      To be the author of at least TWO recognized BOOKS. (6 grades; 1 book: 3 grades; maximum grade is calculated by the recorded book ISBN numbers )

3)      To hold at least TWO other international AWARDS. (4 grades; one award: 2 grades; maximum grade is calculated by the number of awards)

4)      To be cited at least 500 times in Science Citation Index. (10 grades; 50 citations: 1 grade; maximum grade is calculated from SCI-Thompson-Reuters and Google Scholar, by counting total citations)

5)      To have taken at least TWO important administrative and governing executive positions in worldly distinguished associations. (2 grades; 1 position: 1 grade; maximum grade is 6)

6)      To have contributed scientifically in the international fields of the congress or to have established a novel theory. (4 grades; maximum grade is 8)

7)      To have proven a leading role in the area of congress topics internationally. (2 grades; maximum grade is 4)

8)      To have contributed and helped in the International Anatolian Congress Series in Turkey. (8 grades; maximum grade is 10)

9)      To be well recognized internationally in the areas of congress topics. (2 grades; maximum grade is 4)

10)   To have a leading NATIONAL role in his/her own country in the areas of congress topics. (2 grades; maximum grade is 4)


TOTAL SUM of GRADES: 45 or more


14- In the Anatolian Congress series there will be “BEST POSTER” award for the 3 to 5 best posters. The awarding committee will be selected among the black category professors, congress committee, panelist speakers and the Honoree/Special Guests.


15- If the participation to the Anatolian Congress is greater than 300 attendees (registrations), there will be a prize (in terms of money award) in both “Dionysus Awards” and “Best Poster Awards”. The congress committee will decide on the amount of the prizes of each category.


16- No Dinners are supplied for any category during the Anatolian Congress. Dinners are purchased by tickets if needed from the registration desk of the congress committee. Hotel staying includes breakfasts. Congress package includes 2 coffee breaks and lunch. No local transportation is supplied by the congress organizing committee unless otherwise is announced. No cab, taxi expenses are supplied by the congress committee. For some of the black category professors transportation from the airport to the hotel can organized depending upon the basic conditions of the congress, however it is not certain.



  • Drinks are purchased by all the category attendees in return for tickets.
  • One ticket buys a mug or glass of coffee, tea, pops, soft drinks; two tickets buy a glass of alcoholic beverages (beer, wine, raki, gin, vodka, whisky etc.).
  • Dinner tickets, drink tickets and tickets for some of scientific and social activities are sold by the congress committee.  1 drink ticket is 5 €; tickets are sold by the multiples of 10 (e.g. 2 tickets for 10 €; 4 tickets for 20 €; 6 tickets for 30 € etc.). 1 separate dinner ticket (open buffets) is …….
  • During OPENING COCKTAILS, first soft or alcoholic drink is free of charge; second or third alcoholic beverage or drink is purchased by tickets. Opening Cocktail tickets are separate and given in the congress bags.
  • During GALA nights the dinner is served with a soft drink. Alcoholic beverages are purchased by attendees or all categories by tickets, there is no free alcoholic beverages during GALA nights. Water is free of charge. GALA tickets are separate and given in the congress bags.
  • Special scientific activities such as panels, workshops will have separately prepared and purchased tickets.
  • Special social activities such as touristic tours, sight- seeing tours, festival entries, Disco nights, entertainments, opening cocktails, GALA nights, boat trips etc. will have separately prepared and purchased tickets
  • The separate activity (scientific or social) tickets will be given to the related category congress packages and congress bags to different registered delegates.





18- For some categories free tickets are given as follows:

  • BLACK CATEGORY (SPK): 3 free tickets for 3 days (only for foreign speakers). No free tickets for national speakers.
  • WHITE CATEGORY (CORE): 3 free tickets for 3 days.
  • TURQUOISE CATEGORY (Special/Honoree Guests, H-GST): No free tickets. (changed)
  • GRAY CATEGORY (Students-STD):  No free tickets.
  • ORANGE CATEGORY (F-60): No free tickets. (changed)
  • DARK GREEN CATEGORY (R-ONLY-C): No free tickets.
  • RED CATEGORY (EARLY-R): No free tickets.
  • BLUE CATEGORY (LATE-R): No free tickets.
  • VIOLET-PURPLE CATEGORY (ON-SITE-R): No free tickets.
  • ACCMP-A CATEGORY: No Free tickets.
  • ACCMP-Z CATEGORY: No Free tickets.
  • PINK CATEGORY: No Free tickets.



19- The LOGOS of the Congress are as follows:




Congress Committee does not supply travel expenses and the accommodation of the Turkish Plenary Speakers, Turkish Panelists or “the short lecture speakers”. However, the registration fees of the Turkish Plenary Speakers, Turkish Panelists and the short lecture speakers are WAIVED OR Turkish panelists, Long or short lectures speakers get registered at the Special Guest, Honoree Guest category.


21: REFUNDS AND CANCELLATION: If any cancellation of registration is made until the REFUND DEADLINE, which will be generally 3-5 months prior to the congress date. 50 % of the amount will be refunded within 60 days after the end of the congress. After the REFUND DEADLINE, no refunds are made. Payments in advance are made to the congress hotel 5 months prior to the congress, so your registration or hotel booking money goes to the hotels.