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Charles Moser, PhD, MD, FACP

45 Castro Street, #125

San Francisco, CA 94114


 Education and Training


7/92 - 6/94:    St. Mary’s Hospital and Medical Center,

                 San Francisco, California 

                  Internal Medicine Residency Program.


6/91 - 6/92:    Mt. Zion - University of California at San Francisco,

                 San Francisco, California

                  Internal Medicine Internship Program.


8/87 - 5/91:    Hahnemann University, School of Medicine,

                 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

                  M.D. awarded May 1991.


10/77 - 8/79:   Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality,

                 San Francisco, California  

                  Ph.D. awarded August 1979.


9/74 -12/75:    University of Washington, School of Social Work,

                 Seattle, Washington 

                  M.S.W. awarded December 1975.


9/70 - 5/74:    State University of New York at Stony Brook,

                 Stony Brook, New York

                  B.S. in physics awarded May 1974.


Relevant Employment History


8/11 - present:   Sutter Pacific Medical Foundation,

                   San Francisco, CA.  Internal Medicine and Sexual Medicine Physician


6/94 – 7/11:     Internal Medicine and Sexual Medicine Private Practice,

                   San Francisco, CA.


12/80 - present: Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality,

                   San Francisco, CA.  Professor of Sexology –

                   Chair, Department of Sexual Medicine 


12/78 - 1/91:    Clinical Sexology Private Practice,

                   San Francisco, CA and Woodbury, NJ. 

                   Psychotherapy practice focusing on sexual issues.


7/80 - 8/84:     Criminal Justice Health Services,

                   Contra Costa County, CA.

                   Designee of the County Mental Health Director to

                   evaluate and treat sex offenders.


1/77 - 6/78:     Kingsboro Psychiatric Center, Brooklyn, NY. 

                   Psychiatric social worker.


1/76 - 9/76:     Central Islip Psychiatric Center, Central Islip, NY.

                   Psychiatric social worker.




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