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Dionysus Award (Dionysos Ödülü)



 At every Anatolian Congress there will be “3 Dionysus Awards” for the black category professors. For being nominated for the Dionysus Awards the following criteria will be sought; after the Anatolian Congress in 2015 a committee of 3 former or current black category professors and 2 congress committee members will decide on the Dionysus Award recipients:


1)To have at least  50  (Fifty) International Publications in Science Citation Index or Web of Science (or international data bases) (5 grades; 10 articles: 1 grade; maximum grade is calculated from SCI & Google scholar records)

2)To be the author of at least TWO recognized BOOKS. (6 grades; 1 book: 3 grades; maximum grade is calculated by the recorded book ISBN numbers )

3)To hold at least TWO other international AWARDS. (4 grades; one award: 2 grades; maximum grade is calculated by the number of awards)

4)To be cited at least 500 times in Science Citation Index. (10 grades; 50 citations: 1 grade; maximum grade is calculated from SCI-Thompson-Reuters and Google Scholar, by counting total citations)

5)To have taken at least TWO important administrative and governing executive positions in worldly distinguished associations. (2 grades; 1 position: 1 grade; maximum grade is 6)

6)To have contributed scientifically in the international fields of the congress or to have established a novel theory. (4 grades; maximum grade is 8)

7)To have proven a leading role in the area of congress topics internationally. (2 grades; maximum grade is 4)

8)To have contributed and helped in the International Anatolian Congress Series in Turkey. (8 grades; maximum grade is 10)

9)To be well recognized internationally in the areas of congress topics. (2 grades; maximum grade is 4)

10)To have a leading NATIONAL role in his/her own country in the areas of congress topics. (2 grades; maximum grade is 4)


The nominees do not need to fulfil all of the requirements. However, the most important impact is the contribution to International Anatolian Congress Series. Among the highest five nominees, three   (or four, or five) of them will be awarded with Dionysus Award according to the total score they collect. The decision of the committee can be flexible.


TOTAL SUM of GRADES: 45 or more


Important: To receive the Dionysus Award, the recipient should be physically existent in the congress and should contribute to the congress organization and lectures in the congress; if the recipients are not present at the congress, the awards will be  given to another lecturer whose grading is close to him/her or as high as him/her.

  • If the registration number is more than 250-300, a prize will also be given for the award.
  • The Dionysus Award Decision Committee will be selected among the former award holders, black·Category professors and congress committee members.